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Inextricable from the America’s Cup since winning it as navigator aboard Dennis Conner’s Stars & Stripes in Australia in 1987, Peter Isler has sailed in five Cup campaigns (most recently with the BMW Oracle Racing Team in Valencia, Spain), winning it twice. He founded two America’s Cup teams including the America3 Women’s Team which raced for the 1995 Cup. Serving as a TV commentator, Peter has been a member of two Emmy award winning broadcast teams.
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Team Building



Sailing can be a relaxing recreational activity. But to sail a boat well requires great teamwork between the crew. Groups interested in building their team spirit, communication, cooperation and camaraderie often turn to sailing to provide a fun team-building experience. Prior sailing experience is definitely not necessary.


Peter Isler and Isler Sailing International produce and participate in many of these events each year. We can help you produce a memorable sailing event for your group, either in our home port of San Diego, or literally anywhere a boat will float. The program can range from full-blown team-building activities to an exciting and entertaining trip under sail.


Learning to sail a boat well, around a course or in a fun competition puts the crew in a unique situation. They must learn new skills together as a group – solving problems and working together in a fun and challenging environment. Together on a boat – co-workers must abandon pre-existing relationships and solve problems together – as a team.

Our team building events take many forms based on the needs of the particular client. Group sizes vary from two – six participants on a single boat with a “coach” to large groups of several hundred divided between many sailboats and often a large spectator boat. More intensive multi-day programs are available, but many groups enjoy scheduling a shorter program that takes only a few hours and can be a great break from a convention or business meeting.


  • Introductory presentation by America’s Cup winner Peter Isler.
  • Dockside orientation on the boats.
  • Head out on the water and learn to sail and operate the boat as a team under the tutelage of onboard coach
  • Compete in a race against other boats
  • Head back to shore for an awards presentation hosted by Peter Isler (always a fun affair as sea stories from the day are swapped).
Peter Isler is building an incredible collection of books to read on sailing, motivation and life.