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Inextricable from the America’s Cup since winning it as navigator aboard Dennis Conner’s Stars & Stripes in Australia in 1987, Peter Isler has sailed in five Cup campaigns (most recently with the BMW Oracle Racing Team in Valencia, Spain), winning it twice. He founded two America’s Cup teams including the America3 Women’s Team which raced for the 1995 Cup. Serving as a TV commentator, Peter has been a member of two Emmy award winning broadcast teams.
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Michael George – CEO, Continuum Managed Services
“Peter was the keynote at our first annual user conference, aptly named Navigate – where 450 of our top partners from around the globe attended. Peter invested considerable time and effort to meet with me and other members of my team to understand the audience and environment – so he could tailor his presentation to maximize the benefits. He did an extraordinary job sharing some riveting stories and experiences, through words and video, to capture the hearts and minds of our audience – and translate that into appropriate and relevant business parallels. Our audience left to auditorium exhausted and exhilarated at the same time! People felt Peter tied the principals of high-performance sail racing with the team efforts and needs of all businesses large and small.”


David Jimenez- General Manager, Janssen Puerto Rico:
“Peter was able to connect many of his learnings on sailing to Ethical business principles, It’s really amazing to see how these different rules when sailing in a boat make so much sense also in Business”


Brian Young – President & General Manager, 3M Canada:
“First, let me thank you for making such a special day possible for the 3M Canadasales team. It was a truly unique experience and one that our team thoroughly enjoyed. The presentation was just the right blend of “sailing for dummies”, story telling and tailored motivational message , and the on the water experience was awesome…not just
because my boat won, of course. Thank you , as well for engaging with our team, posing for photos, and signing autographs. I know it meant a lot to our guests.”


Marjorie Muldowney – West Coast Director, The American Ireland Fund:
“Thank YOU!!! I’ve received so many messages of appreciation and enthusiasm for your role in our Fall Reception on Wednesday. If this had been a Facebook posting, we would have been deluged with “Likes”! You did an outstanding job as Guest Speaker, sharing your gripping story and captivating a spellbound audience. Wow! I thought you’d be a great candidate and you totally shone.”


Bob Kreger – Vice President, Sales, NEXTLINK Communications:
“On behalf of NEXTLINK and the nearly 250 NEXTLINK employees who listened with great interest to your presentation, Thanks!! The parallels you draw between your success in sailboat racing and success in our day to day business, both in your live presentation and your book, AT THE HELM, is noteworthy.”


Jarl Dahlfors, President & CEO Loomis US:
“On Wednesday, September 8, I had the pleasure of surprising my senior management team – my “crew” – with a presentation by Peter Isler.


As an avid sailor, I had known about Peter for some time, and understood that he did an excellent job intertwining the principles of sailing with effective business management. In anticipation of the event, we sent Peter a great deal of information about Loomis US, one of this country’s largest cash handling companies and, as part of Loomis AS, the world’s premier cash handling company.


Peter did not disappoint. Throughout his two hour presentation, which was punctuated with exciting sailing videos to make his points, Peter did a wonderful job incorporating the principles of our business model with nautical terms and situations. Even those unfortunate among us who do not understand much about sailing got the connections he
was making.


I was particularly impressed that Peter did his homework beforehand. It was clear to us that he had taken the time to know us rather than making a “cookie cutter” presentation. I would recommend Peter without qualification.”


Michael Liebsch, EVP and Chief Sales Officer, Macquarie Equipment Finance:
“Excellent! Peter’s experience and accomplishments at the highest level of sailboat racing coupled with his keen understanding of current business issues enabled him to effectively communicate the common traits required to win in both arenas. His ability to create a vivid picture through his communication skills kept the audience captivated and focused on his message. Peter is a must have speaker for companies facing challenges in extremely competitive markets.”


Scot Williams, Vice President New Business Development, DSM Nutritional Products:
“We all very much enjoyed and appreciated your presentation. One quick thing that really resonated with the Team was your comments about importance of the ”F” word…”fun” for a team. I think no less than 50 people must have mentioned that to me.


Keith Markley, President, Eastern Region, Covad Communications:
“Thank you for an excellent presentation on “Navigating Rough Water’s” during Covad’s Eastern Region Sales & Marketing conference… The rules and strategies employed in grand prix sailing are indeed very transferable to business, and to our industry in particular. Feedback on the session has been very positive and the presentation helped to end our meeting on a high note.


We also truly appreciate the high level of effort you took to insert Covad and industry-specific references into the presentation. This is often the most important element to drive home the relevance of the analogies and parables in an inspirational speech.”


Michael Whitesage – Cottonwood Management:
“Peter’s presentation brought the challenges of sailing and the America’s Cup to life. The lessons shared motivated my team to strive for our own ambitious goals. I would recommend Peter’s talk to anyone seeking to reinvigorate their own team.”


“Peter’s motivational speech to a group of attorneys could not be better. He talked about being prepared, adapting to change, leadership and winning. All of which apply to winning but our profession as well. Highly recommended!”


Amdahl Computers
America’s Cup Organizing Committee
The American Ireland Fund
Annapolis Yacht Club
Carlson Travel
CEG Worldwide
Cerberus Pyrotronics
Citizen Watch
Continuum Managed Services
CUNA Mutual Group
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Diversified Software
Doyle Sailmakers
Forestar Group
Gulf South Medical
McCarthy & Holthus
Hubbard Feeds
IMI Systems
Indian Harbor Yacht Club
Independent Wireless One
Intermountain Health Care
International Sports Management
Janssen Pharmaceuticals
– (Johnson & Johnson)

Loomis US
Louis Vuitton
Macquarie Equipment Finance
Mount Gay Rum
North Sails
North U
Norwest Mortgage
Omega Watch
Outdoor Life Network
Price Waterhouse
Prudential Insurance
PSS World Medical
Sheridan Healthcare
Smokeguard Corp
Speedvision Network
  – (The Speed Channel)
St. Francis Yacht Club
Union League of Philadelphia
University of Denver
  – Business School
US Merchant Marine Academy
US Naval Academy
VERSUS Network
West Marine

Peter Isler is building an incredible collection of books to read on sailing, motivation and life.