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Inextricable from the America’s Cup since winning it as navigator aboard Dennis Conner’s Stars & Stripes in Australia in 1987, Peter Isler has sailed in five Cup campaigns (most recently with the BMW Oracle Racing Team in Valencia, Spain), winning it twice. He founded two America’s Cup teams including the America3 Women’s Team which raced for the 1995 Cup. Serving as a TV commentator, Peter has been a member of two Emmy award winning broadcast teams.
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Books & Articles

Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets (Wiley, 2011)

Peter has been at the top of the sport of sailboat racing for over three decades, as a sailor, television analyst, teacher and writer.  In the Little Blue Book, he shares his extensive knowledge and recounts some of the highlights of his life as a professional sailor. It is a classic collection of tips, lessons, and entertaining sea stories. 


“Reading Peter’s ‘Little Blue Book’ brings the world of sailing alive for old salts like me and newcomers alike.”  DENNIS CONNER, four-time America’s Cup winning sk

Sailing for Dummies written with JJ Isler (Wiley/IDG Books 2006

Second Edition.. now a classic !!  Printed in seven languages.   This book is packed full of useful information – its the ultimate sailing reference book – useful for the beginner as well as the experienced sailor.  We put literally everything we know about our favorite sport in this book.   Like all the great “… for Dummies” titles, this book is well organized so you can open it up anywhere and begin learning, and its fun.


None of us wants to encounter ‘Dummies’ at sea.  Now along come the Islers…. Their book provides an interesting read,  easy instruction, and a handy reference work.”  WALTER CRONKITE, CBS Special Correspondent.

 At The Helm – Business Lessons for Navigating Rough Waters (Doubleday, 2000) written with Peter Economy.


The keys to success in sailboat racing are very similar to those required for success in business.  In At the Helm,  we explore these analogies and lessons with the help of some of the most successful businesspeople/sailors in the world including the late Roy Disney (Walt Disney Co.),  George David (United Technologies), Rich DeVos (Amway) and dozens more.   No knowledge of sailing is necessary to enjoy and benefit from this book!

At the Helm takes you beyond the drama of the high seas and into the real-life stories of successful CEO’s who are applying the art of sailing to their business practice.  You will be inspired.”  KEN BLANCHARD, Co-author “The One Minute Manager”

Let’s Go Sailing (William Morrow & Co.) 


This is an oldie and goodie.  I wrote it for the American Sailing Association before the 1987 America’s Cup in Australia.   It remains their official centerboard boat manual and is popular in small boat sailing classes around the country.    Short and well-illustrated, its aimed at the sailor learning to sail in a centerboard boat.   Its great for kids too.

Peter Isler is building an incredible collection of books to read on sailing, motivation and life.