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Peter & Dennis Conner at Auckland, NZL christening of "Stars & Stripes"Peter has a wide range of experience in broadcast television going back almost two decades.    He served as an analyst in ESPN's Emmy award winning America's Cup coverage in 1992 and again in 1995 which included hundreds of hours of live broadcasts.   Since then he has actively continued his career as "talent" in a variety of programs and from time to time expands his involvement to serve as a producer.   Most recently he has worked with VERSUS Network on their coverage of the America's Cup.  



A brief history of Peter's broadcast career:

bullet1991-1992  ESPN America's Cup coverage - analyst (EMMY Award for Sports Technical Team Remote)
bullet1993-1994  Prime Network - "Dennis Conner's Road to the America's Cup series"- host and producer
bullet1994  Prime Network - America's Cup World Championships - co-host and producer
bullet1994-1995  ESPN America's Cup coverage - analyst
bullet1994-1995  Consultant in the creation of ESPN's SAILTRACK - real time computer animation
bullet1996-2001  Speedvision Network (Speed Channel) - Classics  (series)  -  host
bullet1997-1998  Outdoor Life Network -  Sailors Log (series) - host & producer
bullet1996-2001  Outdoor Life & Speedvision Networks - talent for various specials including:

  (Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction,  Miami International Boat Show,  Pebble Beach - Concours d'Elegance, Colorcraft Gold Cup) 

bullet2002-2003 - Outdoor Life Network - Louis Vuitton Cup coverage - commentator
bullet2003 Outdoor Life Network - Moet Cup - host
bullet2004 Outdoor Life Network - UBS Trophy - features 
bullet2007 VERSUS Network - Louis Vuitton Cup and America's Cup - commentator
bullet2011 ACTV/VERSUS - America's Cup World Series events in Plymouth UK and San Diego - commentator (EMMY Award - The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award)

At_Newport RI_on_TV_boat (Medium).jpg (63220 bytes)Peter & the OLN production team at the UBS Trophy in Newport, RI.  Click photo for bigger image. 

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