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Expedition Software (click here for downloads and licensing):

Developed by veteran navigator (Whitbread winner) and meteorologist (Stars & Stripes 2003 America's Cup), Nick White in collaboration with Peter,  Expedition is an intuitive yet powerful navigation and performance racing program.  Initially used by Nick for Team News Corps' 2001-2002 Volvo Ocean Race Campaign, it has evolved into a multifaceted Windows based program that can perform a variety of tasks including: 


bulletA chart plotter that seamlessly rotates, mosaics and moves between charts, zooms and centers on or ahead of boat. Expedition supports Maptech Pcx or Bsb charts as well as Softcharts. Full user control over waypoints, marks, laylines, track and race schedule information. There is no need for a separate, stand-alone navigation program.
bulletPolar functions to output, analyze, create or modify a yacht’s polars.
bulletStart line and windward/leeward course tactical support tools
bulletInstrument input and output functions to exchange any Expedition data with your boat’s instrument system, including polars and calibration values.
bulletWeather analysis that can overlay functions such as barometric pressure, wind, current and/or sea temperature on to navigational charts
bulletRouting tools to give the most efficient routing, in a simple, easy to use interface.  (Since inception, this feature has undergone rigorous testing and fine tuning for optimal accuracy).
bulletLogging function to record race and weather data that can be replayed or analyzed later to assist with instrument calibration or polar study.
bulletSchedule tools to track and analyze competitors in offshore racing, including simple handicap support.
bulletStripchart program to graph any instrument function with functionality to easily review past data and save “tests”.
bulletRuns on the Microsoft Windows® operating system
bulletPocketPC versions also available
bulletNetworking (including wireless) support
bulletTide and current information
bulletInternet connectivity

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